Competency-based Training Framework

Client Info

Victorian State Government

Project Background

Simply HR worked with a large Government organisation to implement a competency based training framework to measure and develop employee capability and skill. The framework was based upon technical and behavioural competencies for a range of key roles within the organisation. This work documented all existing training content and sought to identify, measure and address training content and delivery gaps. Once identified and validated, this training analsysis formed the basis of corporate wide as well as individual training plans.


Reduction in time and cost

Key measures of success were reduced time and cost to train, enhanced productivity and engagement as well as more accurate reporting and planning processes. Whilst a quite comprehensive program, this kind of work can be replicated on a smaller yet no less effective scale for a range of businesses.

Strategic Priorities

The organisation was able to agree upon strategic priorities for the design and deployment of training activity, as well as future investment in training according to organisational objectives. This meant that the organisation was better able to understand its own strengths and weaknesses as well as the identifying the best training investment in light of the strategic direction of the business.

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Client Testimonial

These days we tend to use Simply HR on an ad hoc basis whenever we need some advice or someone to bounce an idea off relating to people or change. Andrew is very experienced and knowledgeable as well as being completely approachable – I’m never afraid to ask the dumb questions. I know that for small business HR support is often overlooked as a bit of a luxury but the service and support from Andrew and Simply HR really is essential for any business wanting to maximise the return on its people whilst complying with the relevant laws and regulations.