Resilience and Psychological Wellbeing Program

Client Info

Victorian State Government

Project Background

In accordance with changes in OH&S legislation, we worked with a large organisation to develop a psychological wellbeing program to reduce stress related claims and facilitate greater levels of resilience to work stressors. This program was designed in conjunction with industry experts and in alignment with similar programs implemented within the emergency services.


Decrease Stress Claims

Key success measures included decreased stress claims as well as a reduction in the number of escalated issues. Anecdotal evidence suggested that the training provided simple yet effective coping strategies for employees whilst the Peer Support Officers were a great resource as well as serving as a preliminary sounding board for a range of issues.

Resilience Training

The program included contemporary training in resilience and mental health as well as the identification of existing informal support networks within the organisation. Once identified, these informal networks were enhanced through targeted training and the development of a Peer Support Program.

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