Prevention of Workplace Bullying Training

Client Info

Victorian State Government

Project Background

To complement the introduction of a Prevention of Workplace Bullying Policy, we worked with a large organisation to design, develop and deliver training for all employees. Two separate training packages were developed – one for Managers and Team Leaders that clearly articulated their responsibilities under legislation as well as a more generic package for all other employees. It was important to make a distinction between obligations as an employee and the greater level of responsibility that comes with being a manager as it relates to inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.


Reducing Risk

The training packages were complimentary to the Policy as well as being compliant with legislation. This helped to reduce the risk profile of the organisation whilst also providing effective strategies for employees in helping to manage issues at a local level.

Support for Employees

Workplace Contact Officers were identified and trained by WorkSafe to provide first level support for employees who felt that they may have experienced inappropriate behaviour either first hand or as an observer. In the year following introduction of the training, the organisation experienced a significant reduction in formal complaints with the majority of issues being resolved before escalating to HR.

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